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GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC. is a registered company in the Panama D.C. Republican of Panama – and branch office in Miami Florida (USA) Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos, our Ceo and Legal Representative Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos vast experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, spanning over 3 years, has laid the groundwork for GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC. interpretation of the intricacies, strategies, and general dynamics of the Industry. Our focus is primarily structured around the procurement and resale of Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products which include Diesel Oil, Aviation Kerosene, and Automotive Fuels.  At GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC., we have established a Code of Ethics that is strictly followed in every business transaction and can be summarized by the following

Core Values – Lessons learned from time of experience in the Oil Industry have taught us that, in order to be successful, any transaction or communication must exude credibility, honesty, and transparency. These attributes must be personified not only when we interact within our network of buyers, sellers, consultants, and brokers, but rather, they should be visible in everything we do. We regard all of our clients, buyers and sellers, and members of our support network, brokers, consultants, and intermediaries, as stakeholders in our business.

Integrity – The importance of transparency and honesty with the understanding that it is better to always speak the truth when developing relationships, maintaining relationships, and concluding business transactions. At GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC.  we strive to create relationships that are open from the beginning and we respect that our clients and partners portray a similar sentiment.

Professionalism – Each of our buyers, sellers, brokers, intermediaries, and consultants are different. In this shrinking global economy we are faced with people from every culture and creed. It is our foremost mandate to treat each individual with the same respect and gratitude as the next, and, we appreciate all relationships.


GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC. has established key relationships and accounts at ESTRATEGIA INVESTIMENTOS S.A. Bank in Brazil and Miami (USA), ARAB BANK SWITZERLAND, BNPNP PARIBAS BANK, ESBERBANK and CREDIT SUISSE BANK. We are also backed financially by funding partners in the Middle East, North America, and around the world, allowing our funds to remain unencumbered, free, and clear for all of our transactions.


Our corporate strategy is to operate globally and in line with the Oil & Gas Industry standards. The natural course of our business leads us to propose strategic alliances with business partners in order to achieve mutually beneficial results, and ultimately, steady growth. We seek to develop long term relationships directly with suppliers that we can increase purchasing volumes with steadily and safely.

Our EXIT strategy for our products is simple. We have tried and tested relationships with other resellers and with major airlines, governments, and petroleum end users. Our purchasing capacity is growing as a result of our ever-growing experience and the number of successful contracts.


Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos

Ceo and Legal Representative

Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos his main profession devoted to religious service as pastor of the Christian church has devoted most of his life to feed spiritually preach and teach the word of God to the people of God.

Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos his career Additionally professional in Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Strategy and Business Transformation.

In 2008, Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos joined the Consultancy Division of a national oil corporation in Nicaragua of Central America as a Head Business Analyst. At the end of 2010, he was promoted to the role of Business Strategy Manager and legal representative of GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC  to one of the group’s subsidiaries in Miami Florida, EE.UU.

Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos dealing as a private consultant in the Oil & Gas Industry in 2010 and has since incorporated GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC. With the purpose of expanding the business through successive oil trades.

Thank you for your interest in GLOBAL ENERGY LOGISTICS, INC… We value your consideration and we appreciate the time you have taken to understand our company. We look forward to working with your esteemed company in the future.

Kind regards,

Mr. Rev. Silvio Ulmos

By and on behalf of Global Energy Logistics Inc.