Asked see positive raise gas prices

The issue is under discussion since 2014. President Nicolas Maduro announced that “it was time” setting.

People are shown, mostly, according to an adjustment in the price of fuel because it is the “world’s cheapest” and believe that the current value is not in line with the economic reality that is affecting the country.

This was confirmed World, Business & Finance, after consultation street on yesterday in the Baralt avenue, Avenida Bolivar (around Tuy River terminal), as well as service stations located in Maripérez, Las Mercedes and El Marquis. The purpose: the views of car owners, transporters and citizens “walk” over the announcement that “it was time to raise the price of gasoline,” as outlined by the president on 15 January.

Respondents argued that even bottled water far exceeds the trading price of gasoline, which is fixed for 18 years at 0.070 in the case of 91 octane, and 0,097 bolivars for 95 octane, when produce per liter, according to the latest official data provided by the president of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) Rafael Ramirez, costs 2.7 bolivars.

Pedro Contreras, farmer, the measure must be repudiated 10 years ago and that “we have the price of gasoline in a country with so much need of money, we could have collected to put a decent price (…); I do not mean by this that we have to put out the same price (abroad), but with a margin to collect the money and resources go where they need to go. ”

Nelson Blanco, carrier, said the measure is necessary, but said it is imperative “that does not give away more gasoline to Cuba or Petrocaribe; why Venezuelans are going to pay more while they take foreigners free, “he said. He added that the resources entering the country under this item should be allocated to priority areas such as health, education and security.

Ana Monsalve is an advisory insurance believes that the adjustment of fuel is something that “we need some time,” and believes that the increase should be made in parts and “one stroke to not hit us your pocket,” he said .

However, this ad also has its detractors. According to Maria Rodriguez, “as we are not an oil producing country should not pay for gas.”

Overall, most respondents proposed a price ceiling of 5 per liter to Bs.; others suggest a radical increase of up to Bs. 60.

The debate of the possible increase in petrol is being targeted since 2014. Note that at that time the president of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro said he was not in a hurry to make a decision.

“There’s no rush on that subject, I have no trouble as head of state. I have called for a debate to mature a national position. If within one month is ripe that position will be within a month, if it happens in a year shall be increased by one year, “Maduro said in August 2014. He also explained that have the resources to continue subsidizing fuel, but the increase was needed.

The head of state held the same position in mid-2015 when he reiterated that “the day will solve this issue. It has not come the day, I’m in no hurry. With the theme of gasoline I’m in no hurry. ”

According to Maduro, the priority at the time was “victorious 2015 and ensure that all works for building the people go.”

It was this January 15 when President said it was time to make the adjustment that had been talking since 2014.

“It’s time to increase the price of the cheapest gasoline in the world, amid falling more than 60% of the country’s income,” Maduro said during the presentation of its Annual Report and Accounts.

During the ceremony, the President noted that “open the debate last year and much of our country agreed” that it will run, adding that the decision did not come before because the State was aware of “a plan of disturbance senior (…) If I know there is a group that will burn 30 cities nationwide by an electoral target, it is my responsibility to decide, and I decided not to do, but we must do it. “